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American Idol WINNER Jordin Sparks. - American Idol photo

American Idol Blake Lewis. - American Idol photo



Video Beat EXTRA Special - (Jordin) SPARKS FLY wins AI (American Idol) - May 2007

James Loving - National Radio Text Service Thursday May 24, 2007


Judge Randy Jackson energetically noted, "American Idol is the best singing contest in the history of American television and you (Sparks) are what it's all about."



It wasn't her big hair that got her there it was her talent as 17-year-old Jordin Sparks walked off with the 2007 American Idol title last night thus becoming the youngest ever AI title holder.

"I think you are the most talented 17-year-old singer that I've ever seen," said AI judge Randy Jackson after Sparks sang the country song "Broken Wing" the night before on the performance show.

During that show Sparks and runner-up Blake Lewis sang three songs each, one being a song that they've never done on the show, one they liked that they previously performed on the show and a song that was the winner of a song writing contest conducted by American Idol titled "This Is My Now."

For Sparks it was as if there were any doubts about who was the most talented it was her performance on that song that was the deciding factor.

After Sparks closed out the night singing the song after Lewis' rendition AI judge Simon Cowell said, "You just wiped the floor with Blake on that song,"

Jackson energetically noted, "American Idol is the best singing contest in the history of American television and you (Sparks) are what it's all about."

After AI host Ryan Seacrest queried that panel about who they thought would win the contest. Jackson and Cowell both said that if the results were based on singing that Sparks would win.

AI judge Paula Abdul wouldn't commit (as usual) but did say, "They all end up winners, you will see."

With her no taking sides comments like that Abdul should replace Condoleeza Rice and negotiate peace around the world.

But as it turned out it was Sparks night after over 74 million votes from around the world were tabulated by the Telescope firm giving Sparks the title.

"She's been singing since she could make sounds," said Sparks mother during video clips of her with her then very young daughter.

Sparks beamed with her signature ear to ear smile :) between her big puffy cheeks that she inherited from her parents and that sizzling sparkle in her eyes. Her sparkle and smile are her own.

Jordin then embraced Lewis and the show was over but not for Sparks and the other contestants who as a result from their exposure on the show to 160 million viewers around the world (that watched the final show) will have a more productive entertainment career.


Jordin's father Phillippi Sparks - NFL photo

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and Jordin Sparks - American Idol photo

Chirs Daughtry CD

Katherine McPhee CD

Jennifer Hudson - photographed by Nathan Beckner.



The song "This Is My now," sung by Sparks is available for download on the American Idol web site: www.americanidol.com

SAY WHAT!!!???

Early on in the series Sparks said at one point when she was in high school she seriously considered being a football player.

As sweet as her face is you can see when she stood next to Seacrest that she towered over him and is indeed a big girl.

The real influence in her thinking is that her father Phillippi Sparks who had a 10-year professional football career in the NFL (National Football League).

Now 38-years-old Sparks played defensive back for the New York Giants and finished his career with the Dallas Cowboys.

Jordin was raised in Glendale, Arizona by her grandmother after her parent's marriage failed when she was a very young child.

Prior to entering the NFL Phillippi attended Arizona State University.

Both of Jordin's parents attended the final two shows.


When Abdul made the statement that "They are all winners," a prime example was the appearance of Chris Daughtry who closed out the performance show Tuesday singing his hit song "Home."

Though Daughtry didn't win last years competition and finished in fourth place his recording career towers over the top three finishers Elliott Yamin (3rd), Katharine McPhee (2nd) and winner Taylor Hicks.

Daughtry's CD sold over 1 million copies within the first few months of release.

Sony/BMG records chairman and CEO Clive Davis appeared on last nights program and announced that Daughtry's album has sold 2 1/2 million units and that it has yielded 2 # 1 songs and has been in the Top 10 for six months. In addition Davis said that Daughtry is the biggest selling artist of the year.

McPhee's CD sold slightly over three hundred thousand after three months since it's January 2007 release. Yamin's CD was released and at the end of March sold over 90,000 + units the first week of release. Yamin's CD entered the Billboard album charts at #3.

Hicks CD has been reported as having sagging sales selling 640,000 since its December 2006 release.

And last but certainly not least Jennifer Hudson's Academy Award winning success demonstrates that a seventh place finisher on AI can have a successful entertainment career. America's voting had nothing to do with her success. Hudson believed in her talent and showed the world what a winner really is.


Ten of the American Idol finalist will go on tour together this summer. For more information regarding the venue and dates please visit the American Idol web site.



12. Brandon Rogers

11. Stephanie Edwards

10. Chris Sligh

9. Gina Glocksen

8. Haley Scarnato

7. Sanjaya Malakar

6. Phil Stacy

5 Chris Richardson

4. Lakisha Jones

3. Melinda Doolittle

2. Blake Lewis


IT'S ON!!!


Donald Trump's The Apprentice is on again Thursday nights at 9 PM on the Star World Channel.

For those viewers in Malaysia this is the same series that was televised last summer on the Malaysian TV 3 channel.


Fear Factor returns to the airwaves in a supposedly new Season 6 that will be televised at 8 PM on the AXN channel.

AXN has been running reruns of previous series the past few months. Is this new or not…well… tune in and find out.


The reality boxing series The Contender is on again with the rerun of the season 2 series. This was the best series with former boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard taking over the hosting responsibilities and Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) is now off camera and taking the production credits.

For all of these series day and time of airing please see the schedule below…


Note: The shows listed are for the Cambodia - Thailand time zone. Check your local listings for time and date in your area.

Repeats of Top Model are flipped around by Channel V for undisclosed reasons.-


1:00 PM - ASAP - TFC (The Filipino Channel)

12:00 MIDNIGHT - ASAP - TFC - (repeat of show televised at 1:00 PM)

12:30 AM (Mon) - ULTIMATE FIGHTER - AXN - ( rerun of 1st season)


11:00 AM - ULTIMATE FIGHTER - AXN - ( rerun of 1st season)

1:00 PM - TOP MODEL - Channel V (final repeat of FINAL May 21st)

8:00 PM - FEAR FACTOR - AXN - Season 6


8:00 AM - TRIBE - Bruce Parry travels & lives TRIBES around the world - Discovery


8:00 PM - ON THE LOT - STAR MOVIE channel - reality film-making show


10:00 AM - ON THE LOT - STAR MOVIE channel - reality film-making show

10:00 AM -AMERICAN IDOL - Star World - ( repeat of Wednesday show)

12:00 PM - NOON - THE CONTENDER - AXN - repeat of season 2

11:00 AM - WORLDS APART - AXN - (rerun of old series)

5:00 PM - AMERICAN IDOL - Star World - (Elimination show)

7:00 PM - AMERICAN IDOL - Star World - (Elimination show repeat)

9:00 PM - THE APPRENTICE w DONALD TRUMP - - Star World Channel

10:30 PM - AMERICAN IDOL - Star World - (Elimination show repeat)

1:30 AM AMERICAN IDOL - Star World - repeat of elimination show)


10:00 AM -AMERICAN IDOL - Star World - ( repeat of Thursday Elimination show)

12:00 PM - NOON - THE CONTENDER - AXN - repeat of season 2

2:00 PM - WORLDS APART - AXN - (rerun of old series)

4:00 PM - THE APPRENTICE - Star World Channel

9:00 PM - ON THE LOT - STAR MOVIE channel - reality film-making show

9:00 PM - NBA game - Star Sports




1:30 PM - CLICK (On line) computer Internet show - BBC

7:30 PM - HIGH NET WORTH - CNBC - Business news magazine show

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