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Video Beat EXTRA - Freshie FINAL - AMERICAN IDOL IS ON - January 2007

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Freshie contest FINAL - Top Model FINISHED in Thailand - Amazing Race Asia FUNKS IT UP TO FINAL 4 - - Donald Trump RECEIVES STAR - SUPER BOWL - DREAM ACADEMY'S ROSITA on TV recommended TV schedule


Thursday January 25, 2007


The finals of Cambodia's Freshie Boy & Girl l contest will be telecast live this Saturday January 27th at 7:30pm on Cambodia's TV 3.


It's transition time for television programming in the ASEAN region. Shows such as Top Model and Ultimate Fighter have completed their season or cycle as Top Model producer and host Tyra Banks likes to call it.

The Top Model Cycle 6 winner was Danielle Evans (Dani) a tall, inexperienced girl that had a gap between her teeth that had to be and was fixed. The 20-year-old from the southern part of the USA has to overcome her southern accent and said that she will take lessons to eliminate it.

Banks noted that the accent and the gap between a model's teeth just doesn't work in the business made the suggestion. Daniel's positive attitude and willingness to go along with the program based on Banks experience helped her win the title.

Evans, worked as a baby-sitter before appearing on the show. She is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas. Being 5'11" Evans along with Cycle 2 winner Yoanna House are the tallest winners of all of the Top Model shows.

Another contestant that had great skills and talent finished third in the competition. The problem was her know it all attitude cost her the title. Former super model Twiggy who was a judge said she was intimidated by the model and couldn't take her attitude.

A good attitude is what becomes an essential element in many of these competitions. In many cases the most talented are eliminated because of a bad one. Those issues are most noted behind the scenes by the judges and not seen on the television program.

AMERICAN IDOL returns to the scene in the region. This telecast is current as most other shows shown in the region are on a delayed basis. Simon Cowl, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson are currently auditioning talent for the new show.

These tryout episodes are more comical than a display of talent. Former rock n' roll singer Roy Head's son is among the most talented to be selected to be on the show and Simon was prompted to say that he would be shocked if the singer didn't make it to the finals.

American Idol is on several times on Wednesday, Thursday and 10:00 AM Friday that include the original airing and repeats. Check the schedule below for the schedule.


The Amazing Race ASIA is down to the final four contestants. The final will be next week Thursday February 1, after one team is eliminated. There are several repeats throughout the week (see schedule below).

After our complaints that the show was too sterile the program took an about face with shows being telecast from Bangkok and Krabi, Thailand and followed by trips to Calcutta and Delhi, India. That funked it up a bit with more interesting settings. They then went sterile but going to clean, clean Dubai…. But it's OK, . we get a chance to see what Dubai is all about.

Dream Academy's Rosita on TV show - Pinoy Dream Academy photo

Donald Trump receives star on Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame - NBC photo

Peyton Manning - US Marines photo

Prince - Business Wire photo

The Contender 2 series is on again - Business Wire photo

Dean Cain

Srey Malika - Freshie/Singha photo




The top six winners in this past season Dream Academy are being showcased on several ABS/CBN network shows. They have a featured request segment in the first half hour of the ASAP variety show that airs twice on Sunday.

I keep wondering why the network is pushing these not so good singers as singers. In the past several of their contest winners that can't carry a tune and stay on key throughout a song go on to do other things on the network.

Many of those winners have gone on to be featured as actors in ABS-CBN television shows and have done quite well. They are also better actors than singers.

In the past we suggested that Rosita who finished seventh and out of the winning top six would be a good comedian/actress.

The network has done just that as she is now on a comedy series.


Donald Trump received a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame. His new Apprentice series is currently airing in the US. One of the contestants quit the show. More on this later…


On an Apprentice show Donald Trump said it's OK to blow your own horn (talk about) about what you achieved. He said he does it noting that why not do it before someone else takes credit for what you've done.


Kelly Perdew, "Apprentice 2" winner and former President of eteamz.com - the largest amateur sports portal in the world - is President of EliteXC.com. The company is involved in Mixed Martial Arts television programming. Full story


The Grammy Awards is the music industry's highest award. It will be televised live Feb. 11, 2007, from the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, USA. In the USA the broadcast will be on the CBS Television Network at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

Related Grammy stories: Justin Timberlake ** Booker T. Jones


February 4th (5th in Asia) is the Super Bowl the American Football championship game. The game will pit the Chicago Bears against the Indianapolis Colts.

This will be a first time that a black coach will be coaching in the game. But that's not all, there is a black coach on each team making it a double first. Lovie Smith is the Bears coach and Tony Dungy is the coach of the Colts.

The half-time show is always an interesting affair. That is where Janet Jackson made her revelation a few years ago. In the past Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Ray Charles have entertained at half-time. This year Prince will be on the show.


The Contender 2 is back on again in the ASEAN region. This is the best of the two series and worth watching if you're a fight fan. See schedule below for date and time.


DEAN CAIN the host of Ripley's Believe It Or Not was a member of the American football team the Buffalo Bills. Cain was injured in preseason and left the team.

Cain has Asian heritage. He was born as Dean George Tanaka on July 31, 1966 in Mount Clemens, Michigan to actress Sharon Thomas and U.S. Army serviceman Roger Tanaka. His parents divorced before he was born, but his mother later married film director Christopher Cain, and moved to Malibu, California.

Cain attended the prestigious Princeton University, where he went on to be captain of the volleyball team and play free safety on the football team. At that time he set the NCAA record for the most interceptions in a season with 11.

In 1993, Cain took on the role of Superman in the television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in which he co-starred with Teri Hatcher who currently stars on Desperate Housewives. The Lois & Clark series ran until 1997.



Sixteen-year-old Srey Malika is the youngest contestant in this years Freshie contest.


Actress Katie Holmes has risen to fame and fortunes during the past eight years BUT DID YOU KNOW Holmes first major exposure to television viewers was as a cast member in the Warner Brothers TV series DAWSONS CREEK? She is also a best friend of David Beckham's wife Victoria (Posh Spice) WRITTEN IN THAI LANGUAGE.

Angelina Jolie is the daughter of actor Jon Voight? One of his most famous films Midnight Cowboy is currently being televised on the MGM movie channel in Asia. The HBO film GIA is her best work.

Big Brother Star, Shilpa Shetty To Be Offered
Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has shot to fame with her high profile role on Celebrity Big Brother in the past few weeks, with controversial activities in the house creating headlines and debate around the world. Though she doesn't know it she is WANTED. FULL STORY


Note: The shows listed are for the Cambodia - Thailand time zone. Check your local listings for time and date in your area.


10:00 AM - AMERICAN IDOL - Star World - Rerun of Wednesday's show

5:00 PM - AMERICAN IDOL - Star World - (New Episode)

7:00 PM - FEAR FACTOR AXN (New episode)

7:00 PM - AMERICAN IDOL - Star World - (New Episode repeat of 4pm show)

8:00PM - AMAZING RACE ASIA - AXN (New Episode)

11:00 PM - AMERICAN IDOL - Star World - (New Episode repeat of 4pm show)

11:00 PM - FEAR FACTOR - (rerun of 7 PM show)

12:00 PM midnight - AMAZING RACE ASIA - AXN (rerun)


10:00 AM - AMERICAN IDOL - Star World - (Repeat of Thursday's show)

11:00 AM - AMAZING RACE ASIA - AXN - (rerun)

4:00 PM - FEAR FACTOR - (rerun)


3:30 PM - Click On Line - BBC NEWS Channel

7:00 PM - FEAR FACTOR (rerun)

7:30 PM January 27 - Cambodia's FRESHIE FINAL - Cambodia's TV 3


10:00 AM - FEAR FACTOR - (rerun)

11:00 PM - THE CONTENDER 2 - AXN - (Repeat of previous series)

NOON/ 12pm -- ASAP - TFC (The Filipino Channel)

11:00pm - ASAP - TFC - (repeat of show televised at NOON)


6:00 AM FEBRUARY 5th (4th in USA) - SUPER BOWL FOOTBALL GAME - check the time in your area

11:00 AM - THE CONTENDER 2 - AXN - (Repeat of Sunday night 11:00 PM show)


3:30 PM - Click On Line - BBC NEWS Channel


11:00PM - AMAZING RACE ASIA - AXN (rerun)

5:00 PM - AMERICAN IDOL - Star World - (New Episode)

7:00 PM - AMERICAN IDOL - Star World - (New Episode - repeat of 4pm telecast)

10:30 PM - AMERICAN IDOL - Star World - (New Episode - repeat of 4pm telecast)


Lenovo computer manufacturer CEO Bill Amelio and his wife Jamie are appearing on the CNBC show Managing Asia. They talk about after visiting Angkor Wat in 2003 they recognized the need for educating children when the children were begging for money for their school tuition..

Since that time they established a foundation that has built four schools in Cambodia. At present the Amelio's Caring For Cambodia Foundation educates 3000 children for FREE. The foundation also bought 1500 bicycles to give to the students. Lenovo contributed computers for the schools.

The couple are guardians for two Cambodian children. The 47-year-old Lenovo chief said he came from humble beginnings growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the son of a shoe repair man.

Jamie pointed out that since Angkor Wat and Siem Reap are attracting so many tourists that learning the English language is important for the children's future employment.


For Internet and hi tech lovers tune in to the BBC's CLICK ON LINE. The half hour show airs at 3:30pm Tuesday afternoons in the Thailand/Cambodia time zone. Check local listings for time time and date in your area.


WORLD'S APART is a good TV show to watch on the AXN channel. It sends an American family to a foreign land to live with indigenous people for 10 days. The family has to adapt to their culture and ways.

This is the perfect show that demonstrates how people can get along.

Note: This show is in reruns and is subject to a limited run. Check your local listings for time and date in your area.

JAY LENO Is (Spot) On

You often hear the phrase SPOT ON meaning you got it right or it's hot. When it comes to comedy often the humor is lost in the translation of language or a cultural misunderstanding.

Jay Leno is recognized as one of America's top comedians. He took over The Tonight Show that Johnny Carson hosted for many decades. They said nobody could replace Carson but Leno certainly has having hosted the show for a decade himself.

To see if Leno is SPOT ON for you the show airs on the CNBC channel Saturday night and Sunday afternoons in the Southeast Asia region. Check your listings.

In Cambodia and Thailand it is televised at 9pm Saturday and 3pm Sunday on CNBC. CHECK IT OUT.

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