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Sunday December 24, 2006

Pinoy DREAM ACADEMY & Cambodia's Freshie Contest Help Better Lives

The true value of any talent show for youth is for those contestants that don't win what happens to them as well as what did they get out of being on the show.

For some not winning top prize can be detrimental to their ego. For others they experience positive results such as improved self-esteem, more confidence, manners and how to deal with pressure and people.

As we have witnessed from watching the Philippines Dream Academy (PDA) talent show and Cambodia's Freshie Boy and Girl contest there have been some positive results for contestants who didn't win top prize.

"There are no losers. If you are here you are a winner," said Evian water's country manager Henry Siew, one of the contests sponsors said at last years press conference.

Though YENG Constantino won the Pinoy DREAM ACADEMY FINAL the growth of all the contestants' confidence levels stood out as the season progressed.

When the show began in August they were shy and reticent to speak out. As the show unfolded and they improved their craft they confidence in part from audience acceptance as they survived being eliminated.

During the time Dream Academy was being televised many of its contestants gained valuable experience by appearing as guests on TFC's superlative ASAP variety show as well as several other of the networks talk and game shows.

The PDA's Panky Trinidad came in roaring like a lion with her tough persona and though she finished fourth she was a kinder gentler Panky with a more positive outlook on life by the final show.

The other value is she lost 11 pounds from 217 pound to 206 by being involved in the shows conditioning program that was taught by Gretchen Malalad who was a cast member of the Filipino Channel's (TFC) Big Brother Celebrity Edition TV show this past year.

Malalad is also the 2005 SEA Games karate gold medallist. . Malalad won two gold medals in the 2005 SEA Games, the 60 kg Individual Kumite and Open Weight Individual Kumite competitions. In 2004, Malalad worked as a courtside reporter for ABC Sports' coverage of the PBA games

She is also a former beauty pageant contestant in "Binibing Pilipinas 2002" where she emerged Ms. Talent and Ms. Red Bull Supreme. She is a member of the Philippine Air Force ranked as as a second-class airwoman.

Though Maladad didn't win the Celebrity Big Brother show she is an example how the TFC television network utilized her background and skills in being a part of the Dream Academy show.

If you look at it on the lighter side Maladad is someone that IS TOUGH and comes from discipline. The results helped Panky.

Developing and utilizing the talent of all of the contestants is one of the networks strengths. The talents are often placed on other TV programs or have a TV show developed around them.

Yim Nara and Freshie 2005 winner Kanika Cham (FRESHIE Photo)

CNN founder Ted Turner wrote the book Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way

Joe Rogan (Pinoy Dream Academy Photo)

TA TA YOUNG (Ta Ta Entertainment Photo)

Warren Buffett (Business Wire Photo)

Ruben Blades (HBO photo)


The Freshie contests Yim Nara was also a 4th place finisher in the 2005 event. He has emerged as a TV star in Cambodia being the host of several TV shows as well being the new co-host of the Freshie contest.

For some winning isn't everything. What is, are the benefits and knowledge they receive from being involved in a talent show and utilizing that experience to build a foundation for a better life.


CNN (Cable News Network) founder Ted Turner said and wrote a book titled Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way. In Southeast Asia there are plenty of people and business that get in the way.

While bird flu is a major concern in the region there seems to be another outbreak.... bad TV scheduling.

This past week there were several television shows that were aborted or didn't start on time. After numerous promotions of the Ultimate Fighter championship finals Monday on the AXN channel AXN delivered half of what they promoted.

The week preceding the event AXN announced four fights would be telecast. After the second fight the program was aborted.

AXN then went to another show already in progress that had no significance at all. There was no announcement why.

On the Saturday December 23 rerun at the end of the show an announcement was made that the two other fights not televised would air Monday December 25.

For FEAR FACTOR fans the shows host Joe Rogan is the co-host of the Ultimate Fighter Championship shows. The event is rerun several times throughout the week (see schedule below).

The Dream Academy show on the TFC channel was moved to several time slots and was late going on air much of the time throughout their four months on the air.


After two weeks of unexplained rescheduling of the Freshie contest show by Cambodia's TV 3 we found the source of the decision. The shows were to be televised starting 5:30pm. In the first week it went on air at just after five and 5:15 the second week.

TV 3's Marketing Director Kittichai Hatayawat said he was responsible for the scheduling of the show and it would start every week at 5:15pm. The show went on the air at 5:20pm after numerous commercials and music CD promotions. . Stay tuned for more results....


Well we don't know about the dinner part but we do know that TA TA YOUNG kept her Bangkok audience waiting for the second year in a row. According to news reports Young was 45 minutes late going on stage at her December 15 concert in the city of Angels.

Young seems to be a favorite of News Corp. Their music Channel V has honored her with several awards and she is currently being featured of promotions for their Star World channel.


CNBC is televising a one-hour interview with Warren Buffet the world's second richest man titled The Billionaire Next Door.

Buffett is said to be worth $41 billion dollars. He has pledged to donate $31 billion to the Bill Gates Foundation to help in education and improve health issues in third world countries.

The 76-year-old Buffett lives a low profile existence in his birthplace Omaha, Nebraska and continues to live in his house of over 40 years that he purchased for $31,500. To Buffett being rich is not about jewelry and flaunting your wealth it's about being level headed and practical.


When I was writing a column for the Musician Union in Los Angeles, California USA a friend asked me if I knew about recording artist Ruben Blades. I did not.

At the time Blades appeared in one film Crossover Dreams. I later interviewed Blades when he appeared in the HBO film The Josephine Baker Story about the famed singer. Blades was great in his role and the film was excellent.

For music lovers this is a must see either on TV, purchase or rent the CD. Blades has since done numerous film roles including The Milagro Beanfield Wars. He also ran for president of his native country Panama but lost.


On an America's Next Top Model show the models were involved with filming an AIDS prevention TV ad. The person in charge of the production was a 21-year-old girl that said she contracted the virus at 19-years-old…..

Note: There is a Top Model video game on the market.

"'America's Next Top Model' is a natural jumping off point for us to introduce this gaming technology given the show's young and mobile-savvy demographic," said Cyriac Roeding, Vice President of Wireless, CBS Interactive..FULL STORY


Angelina Jolie is the daughter of actor Jon Voight? One of his most famous films Midnight Cowboy is currently being televised on the MGM movie channel in Asia. The HBO film GIA is her best work.


Actress Katie Holmes has risen to fame and fortunes during the past eight years BUT DID YOU KNOW Holmes first major exposure to television viewers was as a cast member in the Warner Brothers TV series DAWSONS CREEK? WRITTEN IN THAI LANGUAGE.


Note: The shows listed are for the Cambodia - Thailand time zone. Check your local listings for time and date in your area.


8:00AM - ULTIMATE FIGHTER - AXN - (rerun)

10:00AM - FEAR FACTOR - AXN - (rerun)

11:00AM - TOP MODEL - Channel V - (rerun)

NOON-12pm -- ASAP - TFC

6:00 PM - TOP MODEL - Channel V

11:00pm - ASAP - TFC - (repeat of show televised at NOON)


1:00 pm - TOP MODEL (rerun)

6:00 pm - TOP MODEL (New episode)


7:00AM - TOP MODEL - Channel V - (rerun)

2:00PM - TOP MODEL - (rerun)

4:00PM - ULTIMATE FIGHTER - AXN - (rerun)

7:00PM - AMAZING RACE ASIA - AXN - rerun)


8:00PM - AMAZING RACE ASIA - AXN (rerun)


7:00 PM - FEAR FACTOR AXN (New episode)

8:00 PM - TOP MODEL (rerun)



5:15 PM - FRESHIE BOY & GIRL CONTEST - Cambodia's TV 3 - times vary due to erratic scheduling by the station. The past three weeks the show began at 5:00, 5:15 and 5:20pm

6:00 pm - ULTIMATE FIGHTER (rerun)

7:00 PM - FEAR FACTOR (rerun)


For Internet and hi tech lovers tune in to the BBC's CLICK ON LINE. The half hour show airs at 3:30pm Tuesday and Saturday afternoons in the Thailand/Cambodia time zone. Check local listings for time time and date in your area.


WORLD'S APART is a good TV show to watch on the AXN channel. It sends an American family to a foreign land to live with indigenous people for 10 days. The family has to adapt to their culture and ways.

This is the perfect show that demonstrates how people can get along.

Note: This show is in reruns and is subject to a limited run. Check your local listings for time and date in your area.

JAY LENO Is (Spot) On

You often hear the phrase SPOT ON meaning you got it right or it's hot. When it comes to comedy often the humor is lost in the translation of language or a cultural misunderstanding.

Jay Leno is recognized as one of America's top comedians. He took over The Tonight Show that Johnny Carson hosted for many decades. They said nobody could replace Carson but Leno certainly has having hosted the show for a decade himself.

To see if Leno is SPOT ON for you the show airs on the CNBC channel Saturday night and Sunday afternoons in the Southeast Asia region. Check your listings.

In Cambodia and Thailand it is televised at 9pm Saturday and 3pm Sunday. CHECK IT OUT.

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