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In sidestepping the question do black lives matter, Donald Trump was quick to disclose his position on Israel - (Photo: Michael Vadon)


Russian pedophile Alexander Trofimov aka Stanley Molodyakov was sentenced IN RUSSIA to 11 years in prison for sexually abusing 20 Russian children


Jr. Seau was a great player who was temperamental. One of my clients, the NCAA, advised me not to interview him since he had a problematic history. The result was in my mind is that he was largely misunderstood - Ângulo ótimo photo


# 2 on our NEW NR TOP 10 is: US GOV POLITICIANS SUPPORT ISRAEL the BABY KILLERS - These babies in Gaza survived and were treated at hospitals that were bombed by Israel. That's the good news, the BAD NEWS IS OTHER Palestinian BABIES WERE MURDERED - Al Jazeera photo


Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton supports Israel. How Israeli is she at the expense of the American citizens? - (United States Department of State photo)





Latest Stories

POV - (Point of View) SPECIAL 2 - THE (Donald) TRUMP HUMP - September, 2015
ISRAEL MATTERS but BLACK LIVES DON'T - In a telephone interview Donald Trump was asked by CNN's black journalist Don Lemon if black lives mattered. Trump avoided answering the question but noted that police must do their job. Trump voiced his disfavor that the US governments deal with Iran was bad because it states that the US government would have to defend Iran if attacked. Trump pointed out that it would include having to attack Israel if they attacked Iran

BIT - Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch - September, 2015
The Gear S2’s unique rotating bezel, along with the Home and Back buttons, ensures users will have a quicker, more precise method to comfortably access notifications and applications

CAMBODIA'S PEDOMANIA - Russian pedophile Alexander Trofimov aka Stanley Molodyakov was sentenced IN RUSSIA to 11 years in prison. That equates to less than a few months for 17 Cambodian and 20 Russian children he sexually abused yet those children will be imprisoned in their minds and suffer their entire lives for the crimes against children and humanity that he has subject them to. The problem is Cambodia is becoming recognized as the pedophile capitol of the world. Cambodia also protects criminals sought after by Interpol and that exacerbates the child sex abuse problem

Sports Notes Part 2 - NFL'S JUNIOR SEAU LEFT IT ALL on the FIELD - August, 2015
HIS GAME WAS THE HALL of FAME - Junior Seau had a complicated past and a reputation of someone that was difficult to get along with. When I mentioned my intention to produce a story on him to the head producer at the NCAA network he wasn't in favor of my idea and preferred for me not to do it, SO... READ ON.....

FIFA NEWS: FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2015 - August, 2015
The competition will feature Auckland City of New Zealand (OFC Champions League winners), Club America of Mexico (CONCACAF Champions League winners), Barcelona of Spain (UEFA Champions League winners), River Plate of Argentina (Copa Libertadores winners), the winners from this year’s AFC Champions League and CAF Champions League as well as a club from Japan’s J.League representing the host nation

Business - Thailand Students won the Grand Prix for its video "Blind's Diary" - August, 2015
The Grand Prix winning video, which is based on a true story, portrays a visually impaired girl who attends a regular school. While worrying about burdening other students, she overcomes her struggles at school and eventually accepts her situation, which enables her to achieve academic results with her friends’ support

Business - DISH NETWORK BLACKED OUT - August, 2015
DISH and Sinclair had been making steady progress in their recent negotiations, and DISH was hopeful that they would come to a mutual agreement to renew carriage of the Sinclair local stations. In that spirit, DISH offered another short-term contract extension to Sinclair that would include a retroactive “true-up” when new rates were agreed upon, and would preserve the ability of DISH customers to access the Sinclair local stations while our negotiations continued.

Business - Renewable Energy Group to Acquire Imperium Renewables - August, 2015
Based in Ames, Iowa, REG is the leading North American producer and marketer of biomass-based diesel, with 10 active biorefineries across the US and a nationwide production, distribution and logistics system. Seattle-based Imperium Renewables began developing proprietary technology and processes in the production of biodiesel in 2004

NR TOP 10 - POLITICS RULE NR TOP 10 - August, 2015
Donald Trump Came To Bury Politicians (Caesar) Not To Praise Them - Much of the most read material deals with how US politicians are political whores and bend over to receive money to fund their campaigns. Much of that money comes from wealthy Jews and the Israeli lobby - Edward Snowden made the charts when two documentaries on his escape from America were televised this month

POV - (Point of View) 26 - POLITICAL FUNDING FRAUDS - August, 2015
AMERICA'S POLITICAL ISRAELI/JEW CREW - Via the marriage of Clinton’s daughter to a Jew questions who her loyalty would be for, the best interest of the TRUE American people or ISRAEL? Both father in-laws of the Trump and Clinton’s daughters have served jail time one for illegal campaign contributions and the other for scam frauds

A panel of NBA Legends nominated six players from each conference for the award and then nearly 300 NBA players submitted their votes through confidential balloting conducted by the league office

Entertainment BIZ - Jennifer Hudson’s Julian D. King Gift Foundation - August, 2015
Academy and Grammy Award winning artist Jennifer Hudson and sister Julia Hudson help celebrate the Julian D. King Gift Foundation's Hatch Day with support from Staples for Students and the Entertainment Industry Foundation. Staples announced a $95,450 donation to fulfill all STEM projects in the Chicago Public School district on DonorsChoose.org during her Hatch Day event

POV - (Point of View) 25 - US POLITICIANS BEND OVER - August, 2015
THE SELLING OUT of AMERICA - The US presidential race demands funding and special interest groups are more than willing to help….. FOR A PRICE. The price is to sell out the American public and pass laws that favor them - Some US politicians make more after they leave government service by being employed by the special interest groups that they took money from to pay the bills for their political campaigns - The Secret of the Seven Sisters - Episode 4 - A Time for Lies & The new Seven Sisters

NBA NEWS - Kiki VanDeWeghe Promoted to Executive VP, Basketball Operations - August, 2015
VanDeWeghe had been serving as senior vice president of basketball operations. He joined the league office in 2013 after working as general manager with the New Jersey Nets and Denver Nuggets - NBA ARMOURS UP

POV - (Point of View) 24 - WHY ISRAEL EXISTS… OIL & The 7 Sisters - August, 2015
CONTROLLING OIL = WARS - America is opposed to land being taken by force and against the use of chemical weapons. Ooh please... don't they know their own history? - US politicians make money from WAR! - Countries like Iran, while suffering international sanctions, have welcomed new oil buyers, who put business ahead of lectures on human rights and nuclear ambitions - The Secret of the Seven Sisters - Episode 3 - The Dancing Bear

Sports Notes - REMEMBERING FRANK GIFFORD - August, 2015
FRANK GIFFORD MADE A DIFFERENCE - Former NFL (National Football League) player and Hall of Famer who moved on to become a host of Monday Night Football and television star was instrumental in me becoming a sports journalist. Without him it would have never happened since I previously never gave it a thought. How did it come about? Read on…

DEFENDING CHAMPION WARRIORS AND CAVALIERS IN ACTION ON OPENING NIGHT AS NBA UNVEILS 2015-16 GAME AND BROADCAST SCHEDULES -- Schedule Reduces Four Games in Five Nights and Back-to-Backs to All-Time Lows -- -- Golden State vs. Cleveland Finals Rematch Headlines Five-Game Christmas Day Slate

POV - (Point of View) 23 - TRUMP PLAYS MEDIA LIKE A FIDDLE - August, 2015
MEDIA TRUMPED by TRUMP - Up till now Donald Trump hasn't been asked about his position on racism or Israel. Given that this past year has been open season on kill the niggahs (slang) as police in America have been doing on a regular basis. Questions related to those two topics, Israel and racism have been avoided. What Trump has to be concerned about is an interrogation regarding what is his position regarding supporting Israel by former Israeli journalist now at CNN… WOLF BLITZER

HERO 2 SOME - CRIMINAL 2 the US GOV - This week RT News has been televising a documentary on one of the US Government's most wanted individuals Edward Snowden whom they deem a traitor and whistle blower. The US government wants him captured and brought to trail for revealing how they were spying on the world's telephone and Internet systems in the name of national security. To them he's a criminal; to the general population of the world… he's a HERO

Business - “The Donald” Trumps Polls and Website Speed Race Pre- and Post- Debate - August, 2015
Among the other candidates, Jeb Bush’s site was more than twice as fast on debate night as it was in the days before, likely due to some late content-trimming. Prior to the debate, the Bush site trailed the pack in second-to-last place, but by debate night, it moved up almost to the top, trailing only the Trump campaign site

FIFA TOP 10 - Change in the top three, with Belgium (2nd, up 1) - August, 2015
The loss of points by Germany and the Netherlands is due to the devaluation of last year’s World Cup matches - CONCACAF Gold Cup finalists on the rise

POV - (Point of View) 22 - US GOV POLITICIANS SUPPORT ISRAEL - August, 2015
US GOVERNMENT SUPPORT BABY KILLERS - When you consider the amount of support and money the US government gives to Israel an intelligent person must wonder WHY. US politician Mike Huckabee supports Israel's occupation of Palestinian land. Huckabee is currently trying to gain the Republication nomination to run for USA president. The twist is Huckabee is also a religious minister. The bible says that THOU SHALT NOT KILL which raises the question WHY does Huckabee support Israel? - Episode 2 The Secrets of the Seven Sisters

POV - (Point of View) 21 - IS ISRAEL BOILED IN OIL? - August, 2015
WHY DOES ISRAEL EXIST? - Why were the United Nations, CIA and other US government organizations organized during the same time that the conspiracy to create Israel came about during the mid 1940's? Why does that coincide with Western nations need for oil from the region that Israel's military currently patrols and does that compliment the conspiracy to control oil prices as depicted in the four part documentary series The Secrets of the Seven Sisters? - Since Cecil the LION was killed in Africa, CNN has spent hours telling that story and ONLY a few MINUTES about the murder of a 18-month-old Palestinian BABY by Israeli terrorists.

Business - Kraft Heinz Company Recalls - August, 2015
The Kraft Heinz Company Voluntarily Recalls Select Varieties of Kraft Singles Products Due to Potential Choking Hazard - Only 3-Lb. and 4-Lb. Packages of Kraft Singles Included in Recall 3 LB and 4 LB - Affected Code Date: 29 DEC 15 through 04 JAN 16 - Only products with 3 LB and 4 LB - Affected Code Date: 29 DEC 15 through 04 JAN 16 - Only products with "S54" or "S55"

TO TAKE FANS #AROUNDTHEWORLD - The partnership tips off in Johannesburg, South Africa during NBA Africa Game 2015, the first NBA game in Africa, and includes NBA events in 11 other cities across Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the UK

NR TOP 10 - Israel rules our NR TOP 10 for all the WRONG REASONS - July, 2015
ISRAEL'S BAD ASSES - For example RT News reported that Israeli soldiers murdered and Palestinian man in the West Bank who was trying to keep the Israeli's from taking his home. The Israeli's now have stolen more Palestinian property and another Palestinian is dead. This story WAS IGNORED on the 70% Zionist controlled news media in America or Britain

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